Company Branding

In order to have a successful business you need to have a developed brand. A clear guideline and roadmap that distinguishes your company from the thousands of others within your competitive space through 'brand recognition'. This development not only takes time, but requires a collaboration of design aesthetic and consistency mixed with targeted marketing and patience.

Here at Jahns Designs we are establishing our own brand by helping others develop theirs. Using multiple tools and strategies, we create detailed guidelines for businesses both large and small. Below are some of our tools and strategies we offer to help your business grow.

Logo Design
Branding Guidelines
Digital Presentations
Business Cards
Email Signatures
Pitch Decks
Marketing Collateral
Social Media Content
Client spotlight

Elevating Brand Recognition

We create ways to increase exposure through impactful design and implementation. Creating positive experiences and attaching them to your company.

Company branding

The Irvine Company

Architectural Branding

We developed a comprehensive design family for the development of 'The Commons'; a recreational gathering place for business professionals.

Brand Implementation

These signs are fabricated and installed throughout Irvine Company properties and further increase their Brand Recognition.

current state

Where is your Business at?

By better understanding where your business is currently, you can better develop a strategy to get to the next step.

Startup Company

Business is less than 3 years old. Little to no brand development or infrastructure. Looking for foundational branding needs.

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Between 3-10 years in business. Currently have a core client base as well as foundational branding, i.e. website, business cards, and social media accounts.

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Legacy Business

Business is over 10 years in operation with multiple employees and clientele. Looking to expand brand recognition or revamp current infrastructure.

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